Making a successful career transition - seeking ideas and thoughts

  1. Hello, wishing all a great summer! I'm seeking to make a successful career change. I returned to school to obtain an M.Ed. in Insturctional Technology with an eye toward obtaining employment in a corporate training and development, performance improvement department. I've been unable to secure employment in the field, perhaps job availability, economy? I'm considering returning to school once again to be an elementary teacher. I'd be interested in hearing from nurses who have obtained new careers, without or with pursuing more education, especially if you love what you are doing. I'm tired of spinning my wheels, want to move in a new direction. Thank you!
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  3. by   Used and abused
    Ihave a nurse friend who wanted to be a teacher. Spent $$ going back, got a job with kindergarten and made 12,000. per year working part time. She went back to nursing. Perhaps you would consider nurse educator? there is a BIG need for that.
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    SCM, I've been in corporate training for a number of years and now transitioning to nursing - can I help you? Have you tried the ASTD board? Got LOTS o' advice
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    Kristin, I apologize for the delay in response and appreciate any help or ideas on making a successful career change into the training and development, performance improvement field. (I do not have a computer at home yet and only check the site at a public library when I can. Also had difficulty navigating this reply area for some reason.) Why are you leaving the corporate training area and going into nursing??? What skills, computer or otherwise do I need to make the change? I have an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology which was NA, design, development, implementation, evaluation of training or performance improvement "interventions." Completed an internship at J.Walter Thompson. Have tried ASTD and ISPI. Finished program in 1995, and have not been able to make career change. Perhaps obtained a useless graduate degree. Thank you!