1. Planning on moving to Maine and would like to hear from anyone regarding working conditions and general information not normally known to ordinary tourists . Thanks in advance. MMB
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  3. by   sbic56
    Welcome to the great state of Maine! I think you will find the working conditions in Maine may be better than many states because of the population of the state. Nurse/patient ratio is usually more reasonable than in some of the more highly populated areas. There are 2 large hospitals, one in Portland and one in Bangor that have NICU's and advanced level Cardiac units. The Bangor hosptal, EMMC, is unionized. There are about 30 hospitals in all statewide, many of them 20-50 bed rural hospitals. You may find the equipment is not exactly "state of the art" as Maine is a poor state. Where are you going to locate? Feel free to PM me if you'd like to know more. Glad to help where I can!
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    Originally posted by mmb-rnjd
    WOW! I am in Southern Maine, where are you going? PM me and I'll give you my email!
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    Hi Everyone,I'm new.My name's Lisa.I am moving to Maine,too.I was thinking of EMMC.What's your general vibes/opinions of the place?I'm a Level 2 Nursery Nurse-1 step down from Nicu.I'm reading some stuff here in the forums that's creeping me out.I AM however REALLY looking forward to the move.Any FB greatly appreciated.TIA