Made a Med Error and sick over it! - page 3

I feel like crap. I made a med error last week. The patient was unharmed and my manager told me that it was a systems error etc. and that it wasn't my fault. I still feel like hell. I missed an AM... Read More

  1. by   bigsyis
    You'll never forget this, I promise you. I've been a nurse for 24 years and can still remember a med error that I made that first year. No one was harmed in that case, either, but it scared the paflooey out of me. I promise you-I have always been much more careful because of it.
    That's all this is-a mistake. Don't continue to beat yourself up over it. It won't change a thing, and will only help you continue to feel bad. It sounds as though you MORE than have your hands full.