LVN reciprocity in Texas

  1. I worked in New York State as a LPN for many year, now I am applying to Texas BON for a LVN license what is the difference of a compact license and reciprocity.
    My second question is how many times can the Jurisprudence exam be taken, and why do you have to take this exam before a compact license be issued.
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  3. by   chare
    first, you will be issued a texas license by endorsement, not reciprocity, once the texas board of nursing has reviewed your records. you don't really get an endorsement on your new york license; you are issued a separate license by the texas board of nursing. after obtaining your texas license you can do whatever you wish with your new york license: either maintain it, let it lapse, or place it inactive if this is an option with the new york board of nursing. some people will tell you that you should place it on inactive status, however if you maintain licensure in another state i personally am not sure there is any need to this.

    when you are issued your license, if your legal residence is outside of texas, you will probably be issued a single states license on which you can only practice in texas. after you change your legal residence to texas, you should be eligible to obtain a multi state (compact) license.

    with the multi-state (compact) license, as long as you maintain residency in texas, you can practice as an lpn in any of the compact states recognizing the lpn license. there are 23 states in the nursing licensure compact and i know that all 23 recognize the rn license but am unsure about the lpn license.

    if you relocate from texas to another compact state, you can continue to practice on your multi state texas license for 30 days, at which time it will become voided, and you will have to obtain a new multi state license in your new state of residence. you will not be allowed to keep licenses from 2 separate compact states.

    if you relocate from texas to a non compact state, then you will be required to obtain licensure in the new state, and you texas license becomes a single state license.

    i am sorry, but i don't know how many times you can take the jurisprudence examination. you should be able to contact someone at the texas board of nursing for an answer to this question.

    i hope that this answered some of your questions, and good luck with your future plans.
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    I'm not sure how many times you are able to take the Jurisprudence Exam but it was very easy because you can use the website to find the answers.
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    Your response was very helpful, you have given me the total information I needed.
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    Thank you for your response, it was very helpful. Have a blessed Holidays