LPN's as scrub techs? career ideas please

  1. i read in a post that an lpn recently got a position as a scrub tech, and that her hospital regularly hires lpns as scrubs rather than csts. is this common? if so,...... why would someone go to cst school?
    this raises a question in my career path. i graduated may 2005 with a bs in biology & health promotion. for about the last 9 months, i have been working at a tissue bank as a "surgical tech". i have gained a ton of knowledge and experience dealing with the aseptic conditions, surgical procedures, anatomy, instruments and much more.
    i would love to get my rn, but i'm on a long ass waiting line! while i'm waiting, i thought about completing a cst. (posessing a cst & rn would be an awesome combo...right).
    however, my thoughts after hearing about lpn's getting to scrub makes me want to just get my lpn and take the bridge course for the rn, and say the hell with the cst. i could prolly do that by the the time my spot is up for the rn program to start!!
    ultimately, i would love to be involved with surgical procedures, and hold an rn.
    do you think that my "job experience" and prior bs coupled with an lpn would allow me to make decent bucks and scrub in? what do you think about my careers ideas?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    There are a handful of hospitals that still hire LPNs/LVNs into the O.R.; however, many hospitals absolutely do not hire LPNs for any department. Seventy percent of all new LPN/LVN job opportunities in the U.S. will be in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living, and rehabilitation.

    If you want to work in the O.R. while attending RN school, a good idea would be to attend a one-year surgical technician program.