LPN to RN pay

  1. Just asking in peoples experience because I can't seem to find a direct answer.
    I just finished my RN program. I work in Indiana. I'm wondering the standard dollar pay increase from LPN to RN? I had figured at least $3-$4, but my DON kinda laughed that off. Thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   Scottishtape
    I went up by $8/hr base, and $12/hr with differential.

    I went from long term care to the hospital environment.

    Also, I'm in Florida, not Indiana. It's also important to note, my employer gave me 6 years of RN time for pay purposes based on the length of time I was an RN.

    My friends who went LPN to RN and didn't have a lot of experience still went up around $5/hr once they got their RN.
  4. by   HeySis
    An example that I found for Utah... you could do the same in your area is search a hospital employer for LPN jobs and RN jobs and see the wages. One facility in Utah has an LPN position for $15.49/hr and an RN position for $24.51/hr. so about $9/hr difference.
  5. by   alh24
    As an RN, I started at $6 something more an hour than I did as an LPN.