1. Is it a good idea to become an LPN and then pursue RN?? My question is really due to the fact that most schools RN programs are so competitive and I really just want to get my foot in the door and start learning Nursing skills in a clinical setting. I am trying to get the best grades I can I am currently finishing up my pre-reqs, but I don't think my grades will be as good to get into RN programs or they have too long of a waiting list?? I would prob stay an LPN for a couple of years and make sure that Nursing is absolutley for me and then pursue RN. WHat do you think?? Any advice would be most helpful!!
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  3. by   ann945n
    I would HIGHLY recommend applying to all LPN and RN programs that you meet entrance requirements for. The reason being like you said its sooo competive. Then once you get your responses if all you get is LPN take it. You can always take a LPN to RN course after which IMO is a bit easier to get into since the competition is not as steep. Just get into the Nursing club, as I say :spin: good luck!