LPN or RN??

  1. I am currently enrolled in the LPN program at my local college. I love it so far. I work 40 hrs a week plus go to school 5 days a week at night. I will start my nursing clinicals next summer.

    The problem is I am afraid to give up my current job because of th good benefits it has. I am a school secretary (WHOO ()()())))) Anyway I hate this job here and cannot wait until I can get into the nursing field. . . . I am currently certified as a S.T.N.A. Should I get a part time job next plus go to school. My BF/Fiance said he would be willing to help . . .I AM SO STUCK???? WHAT should I do??????

    Please help??

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  3. by   Slowone
    My advice. if you love school, stick with it at any cost. if you are able to work AND study then do both! If that is more difficult for you and you are the type of person that really needs to work extra hard to learn, then take your boyfriends help, and either quit or reduce your hours.
    Sounds like a nice guy that is willing to make an investment in your future together! I say, GO FOR IT!