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I think the bashing stems from the fact that nursing is so fragmented. What other profession do you know where it's fragmented into 3 distinct categories, yet generalized by the public? When I... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by jacolaur
    1. I have never felt a victim in my profession, never, and over the years the only time I feel the need to respond to "LPN bashing" is when I reach sheer exasperation and shock at reading simple minded comments like doing away with LPN's, or that we LPN's lower the standard of nursing care, please, that goes both ways. Feeling defensive is more of an accurate description but never ever the victim. I am entirely too proud to be a victim.
    2. As to winning people over, I do not have to, my work ethic and work record speaks for itself.
    3. Regarding sweeping generalization of RN's, again please, the first posting to do away with LPN's was the sweeping generalization. That sweeping generalization creates this whole situation and it will never go away until the ones that say it realize LPN's are as capable and unfortunately as incapable as many RN's. My initial post was defensive and pointing out bad nursing care goes both ways. I have worked alongside the most gifted of RN's and the scariest of them.
    4. I like the smilies and will continue to use them freely.
    You rock on.. See I use them too...except when they say I have too many :chuckle
  2. by   hapeewendy
    jacolaur - whatever gave you the impression i was directing my post to you ?
    I wasnt specifically directing my comments to anyone
    just sharing a general opinion
    and I have nothing wrong with smilies myself and use them all the time , the whole eye rolling thing was meant to be a small bit of humour
    which obviously got missed
  3. by   jacolaur
    Wendy, Sorry, I'm new in here so maybe I jumped the gun a bit or..maybe just a little sensitive, however, I still stand behind my words and your eloquent general opinion is well taken. I truely believe you are one of those incredible RN's that would be a G-D send to work with. (I am so glad you like the smilies)
    Peace, Love, and Happiness to us all caring Nurses.
  4. by   hapeewendy
    no worries!
    thanks for your kind words
    I'm sure youre an awesome team player and
    bring a lot of joy to you patients.
    I think that differing perspectives and opinions are always important.
    I find that some people are better at the art of disagreeing than others but thats life. You seem to be doing just fine in that respect.
    welcome to the boards and keep on posting!
  5. by   jacolaur
    Hey Brownms46! Thank you for your kind words and support. I just found this site last month and finally got my fingers to do the talking... I must say this is a terrific site to bring nurses from all over the world together. Pretty awesome! If they do ever "do away" with us we could head over to Argentina... whew... the nursing situation over there sounds like it could use a few good LPN's, and a lot more RN's, to help out it's crisis!! What a beautiful place to live! However, I am not complaining Florida is pretty nice too! Hmmmm LPN's taking over, naaa I really like all of the RN's I have ever worked with over the years, only a very few exceptions. They have been most willing to educate me, listen to me, and help me in difficult situations as well...it certainly makes the shift much more pleasant when we've all worked together and pulled our fair share. In all the years, their have been very few I was miserable working under. Thanks again for you kind encouraging words..it has brought me out of my shell....my husband would say WHAT SHELL!!!