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  1. I am starting my new job Monday on the skilled nursing unit at the hospital. I have been in LTC for the last 5 years....so I am feeling a little uneducated about some things. I will be working 7-5:30 days. 7-3 will be on the floor and then I will be inputing things into the computer for the MDS's (triggers and raps). i bought a IV review book that I will work on the next few days, a new general med/surg book that seems to provide some info. An updated care plan book. I will continue to have mostly geriatric patients, so I feel comfortable with that. I have no experience with the MDS system. I will orientate next week 7-3, then 8-4:30 the week after in the orientation program reviewing ivs and policies. The basic orientation is six weeks with the option of more if I feel it is needed.

    I'm looking for any suggested reading, particular books, items that my help (ex. calculator, clipboard). Any suggestions would be great. Should I just relax and go with the flow next week to ask a hundred and one questions (when appropriate and time available) or continue reviewing things I haven't used in years and get myself uptight and stressed before I even start?? Should I expect to even touch a patient next week such as blood draws or ivs (which i've never inserted either d/t not allowed in school and not done in LTC around here) before taking the orientation program?

    Yes, I quess I'm second guessing myself all around aren't I....I hate change so much. A definetly Type A Personality here

    thanks for any thoughts.....Lisa
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    It's always an adventure starting a whole new area, isn't it? I am considering learning the MDS process myself and I'm flying to Houston for a mini vacation in Sept ...to take a 1 day MDS 'crash course' offered by my state association for LTC. I believe all states have agencies that provide these classes as CEU's....there are several MDS websites I have found, with info links if you do an MDS 2.0 search.

    Good luck...I bet you do fine...just try not to stress out/ expect too much out of yourself at first as there's a learning curve for all of us.

    You may wish to keep your Lippincott manual for nursing practice (or whichever one you used in school) close by to review techniques of things that come up on the job. Also you may want to find a kind hearted mentor at your new facility and ask her to be an advisor in your new venture.

    Best wishes...you sound like you're already well on your way to success!
  4. by   lisamcrn
    Thank you for your suggestions. I will look into the MDS search online and for CEUs. That will provide some more information. LOL I've already have a bag full of 'stuff' including my books I just don't feel like I can show up without yet. I'm feeling calmer today and really looking forward to starting. I hear really positve things about the orientation from others who work there. So, I guess I'll just review as I can and take the rest as it comes.

  5. by   oh-agnurse
    I started a new job 2 yrs. ago in cardiac, and it was so new to me! I have a binder I take with me daily filled with information on things I use the most (IV drips and charts, and certain protocols) and those I don't. In fact all the nurses on my unit keep their own binders. I have come to give some for patient education. I still ask lots of questions and I 've learned they are never dumb!!! I wouldn't worry too much with the computers, iv sites, and blood draws because that is why you have orientation. I'm sure you will have to sign off on those things anyway, and with repetition you will masters these and become comfortable. You're a nurse!! You'll do fine!!