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OK. I am a new nurse, and last night I was precepted by an *older* RN, who has many years of experience. I took 2 pts, and she took 2, then we admitted a transfer from CCU. (I work ICU step down).... Read More

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    this is disgusting and osha needs to catch this person doing this. has she never heard of nosocomial infections? who knows how many germs she has spread to everyone she comes into contact with. plus some of those germs live on the phone at the desk that you all are using, door knobs, etc. i forget what that is called, maybe vectors? i don't think it is dehumanizing to wear gloves. it's as much for the patient's safety as it is for the nurse - and i have been in a position where i have explained that to patients if they ask why i am wearing gloves. she should be written up or something. this just isn't right.

    fomites --these are inanimate objects that can harbor bacteria & viruses which can then be passed on to others. vectors are other life forms needed to help complete the life cycle of a pathogen. example: the anopheles mosquito is a malaria vector.