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  1. I KNOW I read this info here somewhere, but for the life of me can't find it...I need the names of the best books to buy to supplement A&P, Chemistry and Micro. Also the best books for general nursing (like Dosages made incredibly easy) Are the other Incredibly Easy books helpful? Did anyone use the "for dummies" books or are they a waste. If you can help I'd appreciate it! I'm ebaying this afternoon looking for bargains...thanks!!!
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  3. by   NewEnglandRN

    I definetely found the "Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy" helpful for a math refresher. I also ordered the "Assessments Made... " book, and it was a little too basic. I have heard good things about RNotes and just ordered it from amazon.

    I also ordered "Microbiology Made Incredibly Easy," but have not received it yet. I have the Cliff Notes for A&P which is a good review (I already took the course.)

    Goodluck with your search on eBay!
  4. by   nursemichelle
    Ok, thanks! I've never heard of RNotes, what is that?
  5. by   southernchickrn
    RNNotes is a handy little pocket guide that you can put in your pocket. it has wipe free forms that you can write on and then wipe off with an alcohol pad. It has things such as assessment tools, antidotes, lab values, schedule planners, injection sites, EKG interpertations, starting IVs adn a lot more! They are put out by F.A. Davis adn they have also come out with a Med Notes that has about 200 of your most commonly used drugs ( like a little drug book in your pocket ) adn one for Med Surg as well. VERY HANDY!

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  6. by   nursemichelle
    Oh, sounds great!Thanks!
  7. by   Fox

    Do you have the ISBN for the Microbiology book?

  8. by   NewEnglandRN
    clinical microbiology made ridiculously simple, 3rd edition
    mark gladwin, bill trattler
    textbook paperback - revised, january 2002
    new book price: [color=#aa0000]$25.95

    product details:
    isbn: 0940780496
    format: paperback, 288pp
    pub. date: january 2002publisher: medmaster, incorporated
    edition description: revised
    edition number: 3
    barnes & noble sales rank: 1,815
    series: made ridiculously simple series