Looking for a mentor

  1. It occurred to me...this is a wonderful site. and it got me to thinking.
    Would any of you like to be my personal email mentor?
    I'm a new grad/hire who's only experience was clinicals.
    I would LOVE to correspond thru personal email with someone who would encourage me, talk me thru my first scary year, answer questions about how to do stuff (sometimes it is just too embarrassing :imbar to ask the preceptor, or she's too busy, or doesn't explain it well, etc).
    I need an experienced friend to come along side. It's lonely out there when you are the new gal.
    I am a new hire (RN to be) on an oncology floor.
    If you are interested please send me a private message.
    I can only keep up with one,
    so PLEASE don't say yes unless you truly want to commit for a year.
    I check my email almost every day, so I promise to stay in communication with you.
    And thank you in advance...to whoever my nurse angel (I hope, I hope) will be!!!! God bless, Nurscee
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  3. by   GingerSue
    Of course I don't know if you had a response - but just to share a place where you might seek a mentor - try The Nurse's Suite - Home
    or you can get there by http://steprn.proboards37.com/
    And good luck