Long Beach City College

  1. Hi everyone. I applied to a couple RN programs (spring 2008) - pasadena city college, long beach city college, glendale community college, and mount st. mary's. I just received a letter from LBCC that I am #2 on the alternate list. What are my chances of getting accepted from the alternate list at LBCC? Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   peterpiper78
    pretty good. one of my best friends was #2 and he entered with me because 2 people didn't show up. be prepared in case you are called
  4. by   lpratummanee
    Hi Peterpiper, Were you an alternate at Long Beach as well?
  5. by   peterpiper78
    no i was on the main list when i entered. my friend was number 2 on the alternate list and he got in because 2 people didnt enter
  6. by   lpratummanee
    yay i got in!
  7. by   peterpiper78
  8. by   lpratummanee
    Did you have to buy your uniforms from Dove Apparel?
  9. by   peterpiper78
    yeah everyone does
  10. by   strawberryheartRN
    just curious - when you got your very first letter for the informational meeting, did it already tell you you were an alternate and tell you what number u were?
  11. by   sosiouxme
    My letter just said that I was an Alternate; it didn't tell me what numerical ranking I had.