Littman Classic II vs. Cardiology III

  1. Hope it's okay if I ask this question here although I'm not a nurse. I'm an MA student (no flames please).

    I'm looking to buy a good stethoscope. I have a slight hearing loss in one ear due to numerous cholesteatoma surgeries. I'm trying to decide between the Littman Classic II and the Cardiology III.

    I'm thinking the Cardiology might be overkill for what I'll be using it for. However, with the hearing loss, if it's going to make much of a difference, I'll take the plunge.

    Can anyone tell me how the two compare? I have a hard time hearing out of the cheapie "Sprague type" ones we have at school.


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  3. by   tmiller027
    I have a master cardio and love it...I hear clearly with little distortion or interference.
  4. by   NoDayButToday
    Littman's are great! I personally use a sprague, it's a good one, but lots of people I know like Littman as well.
  5. by   court519
    I also have hearing loss. I have the Cardiology III stethoscope. I know people who have the Classic II and I have a harder time hearing on it. I think the cardiology one would be the way to go.