Little Girl's Sad Story - Can you help?

  1. Cut from an email.

    Hi Everyone,
    We have finally completed stephanie's website. It provides the most updated information about her. The website mentions MT Sinai at NYC as her transplant center. At the time the website was being put together this is where she was listed. We are in the process of having everything finalized for her transplant to take place at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC which is much closer for us.
    I would like if you guys could pass this on to people you know so they can pass it along to people they know. There might be other families who are dealing with the same issues we are dealing with. There is information about the foundation we have started on Stephanie's behalf to help other families in the same situation. The information about the foundation will let you know how we are able to help other families. If you guys feel we can help anyone in anyway please feel free to contact us.

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