Have anyone ever figured out why nurses gossip so dam much? I have been out of the field for a while. When I returned, I noticed my skills were limited. So I had to go into orientation as a new... Read More

  1. by   angelnurse
    Hi guys. I QUITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! And it feels so good. Syracnurse, I recently endured your past pain. Trust me. I do not talk about other people behind thier back. Although I stay to myself, I like to talk my problems out with others face to face. That way they'll get facts and not misinterpeted gossip. Some people I know you can't do that with, so I just stay my distance. Like in my past job. After reading doc's post about bullying, I realize I was a victim. I came to work to learn. And that was very hard to do while this person was talking about her material things and how much she paid for them.( also talking about me). Anyways, I have a new job. extremely happy. And believe me guys, I really really do appreciate your supportive words during this diffcult time.
    I hope I don't step on anyone toes by saying this, but I was reading the MNM post. Don't you all think it would be a good ideal to clean up our own house before we try to clean up the whole field. I mean try organizing a gossip-free, nonbackstabbing- more new grad support- less blaming- etc... work environment and then go out and take on the rest of the world as a family.

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