Lifestyle Changes

  1. The more I learn about our bodies and how they work, the more concerned I've become with my own health. So far I've made a few changes such as eating more veggies (ick) and fruit, drinking more water and less soda, and pulling that old mountain bike out of the garage. I'm just wondering if nursing school had a similar effect on others and if the changes you made "stuck"?? Next on my list will the hardest - to quit smoking!!
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  3. by   glow_worm
    Absolutely! At first, every time I read of a new disorder/disease, I became hyperaware of my own body & tried to diagnose my "symptoms". I've calmed down a lot since the beginning of nursing school. Now I take lots of vitamins, eat more nutritious foods, and have started exercising. This is a 180 for me.

    I swear, the LAST thing that I'd ever want to be is a PATIENT! I'm terrified of that experience. So veggies, here I come!