Lifepoint Hospitals?

  1. Just found the forum today, don't know how I've made it all these years without it. My little community hospital (where I've worked as an LPN for about 12 years) was sold several months ago to Lifepoint. Does anybody on this forum work for Lifepoint or have you had any experience with that corporation?
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    No experience with Lifepoint, just wanted to welcome you.
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    Welcome sara2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:kiss :kiss
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    Not sure, but isn't Lifepoint just another division/subsidiary/renaming of Columbia HCA for profit.

    The local hospital to my mother's house is Lifepoint. I (on vacation) went there (wild animal bite in an area known for rabies). After all the BS about me needingto come in immediately for treatment, they did not even start the rabies shots and prescribed a AB and a painkiller not available in our county. I was referred to animal control to start the rabies vaccine. Animal Control freaked out over the situation when I called and called a local public health official against them. I had to go to another ER (and foot another bill) to receive the vaccine.

    I also now know that no agency in the area wants to work with the Lifepoint hospital.

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