1. Do LPN licenses transfer EASILY from state to state?
    As long as the NCLEX is passed in one state, and you have a license from that state,
    can you go ANYWHERE and practice nursing ?
    or do some states make you jump thru alot of hoops?
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  3. by   keithjones
    A license in any of these states is good an any of the states listed...
  4. by   classicdame
    NCLEX is accepted all over the USA, so you don't have to repeat that. However, every state has their own laws about licensure and you will need to pay to have information transferred from one BON to another. Compact states are those that allow you to work with one license in more than one state. This is helpful to nurses living on the borders of states and for travelers. But you have to work MOST in the state in which you reside. I recommend contacting the BON for the state to which you intend to move.