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    September 14, 2001 --

    Let Rudy and NYC hear what you think of them!
    A new email address has been established at the Post specifically for your messages to the Mayor & NY regarding the incredible job they are doing. The e-mail address is:


    In this time of turmoil and grief, this city - as The Post said yesterday - is truly lucky to have a mayor like Rudy Giuliani.
    Giuliani's calm and measured response to this crisis has served to reassure New Yorkers - and has kept the city strong.

    New Yorkers, apparently, know it.
    Indeed, to judge just from the e-mail we've received, the whole world knows it!
    Now it's time to say thanks.

    With that in mind, The Post is providing an opportunity for people to thank the mayor directly for his magnificent leadership. A new e-mail address has been established for you to send your thoughts to NYC and this Mayor.

    All messages received will be forwarded to the mayor, and The Post will publish a selection of them on these pages.
    No doubt Giuliani has been far too busy since Tuesday morning dealing with this unprecedented catastrophe to hear for himself just how much the reassuring, level-headed - but absolutely FRANK - way in which he has kept this city, and the entire world, informed is appreciated.

    In Rudy Giuliani, the world saw a visible symbol that the terrorists had NOT been able to cripple New York.
    Even as he was forced himself to flee for his own life from the scene of the carnage, Giuliani made clear that the seat of city government was functioning and in control.
    That New Yorkers - like Americans generally - are tough, resilient and not easily stopped.
    Life in New York continues.

    That's an important message to send - both locally and abroad. And now, through The Post, people everywhere can thank the Mayor directly for the tremendous job he and his city are doing.

    Email to: RUDYthanks@NYpost.com

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