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I am relatively new here but from what I have read so far I like this site. However, I see a lack of support from one nurse to another. In the hospital the doctors are bad enough to work with but... Read More

  1. by   micro
    and yet i still love nursing, figure that
  2. by   mario_ragucci
    Nursing is my vocation, and I am in this all the way all ready. Mario has never felt so right about a career. And being in my "mid-thirties" I know what a whim is, and is not.

    This medium has enlightened me to several nursing perspectives, including "back biting", "bullying" and plain-old, generic hatred. I tell ya, I didn't expect to see it in nursing, but, you can't turn tail and run from your passion.

    We are all different people, coming from all different backgrounds. There are more women in nursing, so, for me, I'll have to "watch" and "be still" because some nurses can be fragile to motion.

    Unless your cared for (at work), how you gonna care? Unless your confident, how are you going to have a pleasant additude? These qualities come from your self (and environment), and are not mentioned in any school. Stress is manageable; folks are supposed to know how to be cool with each other. Maybe nurses under stress think it's "okay" to bite their fellow nurses heads off one day because we can grow another head. Biting off heads is not cool, and should not be considered "collateral" violence.

    In the USMC, I remember how you were considered a "boot" until you had a little "time and grade." But folks wouldn't eat you, because, you were still a Marine, and everyone has to be a "boot" once. It was fun to "order" the "boots" to do push-ups straight out of "the rack", or to carry the heavy equipment, because they had "over-disciple" from Parris Island, like we all did. After awhile they catch on, and realize, we're all one unit. A nurse is a nurse: A loving and caring factor; A common thread which goes through us all, I thought :-)

    Nurses, from what I read, don't look for humor in a new nurse: they look for a kill. Looks like some nurses will try to break each others spirit, rather than just play around. And some are on the "up and up", growling at each other, berating each other, hurting each other...why?

    Isn't there camaraderie amongst us?

    When old flowers go to seed, those seeds fall, and new flowers grow, and they are beautiful just like the a flower ever was. Sometimes the Spring time is really cold, and the flowers are late. But they'll come.
  3. by   lisadavis
    i think nursing is like sounding the fire alarm in a crowed building, everyone scrambling for the exits all at once running down whoever gets in our way. nursing as not yet become a "CAREER" in the eyes of the world, we are looked upon as sex kittens, battle axes and stepping stones to MD's. how many times have you heard, "why didn't you just go all the way and become a doctor?" we are all trying so hard to get to the top, to make something of our lives and our chosen profession we don't care who or what we destroy along the way. some of this behavior is inherently human and some of it is very female(even if we don't want to admit it) then on top of all this we have bosses, administrators etc that rule by the motto, "divide and conquer" if everyone keeps fighting amongst themselves no one will notice how the 'bosses' are screwing them. these problems have existed for a long time and will not be solved overnight but if we all try to do our own little part to act professional maybe someday we will be .
  4. by   T.Bird
    I am just plain old tired of LAZY nurses that don't beleive in teamwork or sharing the work load in an equitable manner. Example, the other day I worked a 12 hr shift where I had the worst patient load on the unit and we were short an Aide. Instead of sending the aide to help out with my patients who required complete care (and I mean complete) the charge nurse used the aide to do all the work for her own easy patients and never once offered to help me. I didn't have lunch until 4pm. The whole time I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off the charge nurse, aide and another RN were on the internet looking up funny jokes and laughing all day. I even had to answer the phone a couple of times and it was a personal call for guess who?? I was so angry I couldn't say a word for fear of becoming verbally abusive. I am sick and tired of taking the hard assignments while the same individuals sit back and pick their noses. I am not affraid of hard work and these people are taking advantage of it HAVE HAD ENOUGH By the way I've noticed that those older nurses who eat their young have no trouble with hard work, I'll take them over some lazy supposedly friendly but useless younger nurse any day. Anyway, at the end of the shift (when I was still transcribing orders) she had the nerve to say to me "Sorry I didn't help you, but I just felt like being selfish today"
    Well, I felt like being selfish the next day so I just called in, and lazy nurse #1 and lazy nurse #2 had to work short. I had never done this before, but damn, it felt soooooo good. I am looking for work elsewhere because where I work now, this is the norm and not the exception. Thanks for hearing me out, I feel better now