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  1. Why, you might ask, is this in the General Discussion Board?

    Well.. I thought I would get the most coverage here. Some of you may be keeping excellent records of your nursing expenses. This is useful tax information to claim those tax exemptions.

    I for one (and there are many of us), have started to independently contract (please come visit us on the Nurse Entrepreneurship Forum here at AllNurses). You may be independently contracting yourself or apply those needed deductions to your income tax (yes, that time is... once again.. just around the corner).

    I have purchased, "Quick Books Pro". Believe me, accounting has never been my forte.

    My teacher, in my Entrepreneurship class, promises to show me how to "work the program".

    What of you? Is anyone else out there using this program or another? I would love to hear your input and opinions.

    Please let's hear more on this topic.

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  3. by   MK2002
    You won't learn a lot about this application in one session. Whether you are using Quicken or Quick Books Pro it takes a long time to learn. That's why a lot of users give up on Quicken and MS Money for home use. They cannot justify spending weeks of time learning something that may only help them balance their checkbook.

    Buy a book or a video tutorial. At least it will not be as frustrating as striving to understand how to use the product right out of the box. Keep trying to improve your skill. Depending on your effort and available time, after a month or two you should be able to do most useful things with the application.
  4. by   flowerchild
    It's Peachtree accounting for my biz. The only problem is that my accountant and most others use Quick books. So at the end of the year, I just give them my checkbook and cash reciepts plus my income ledgers from the Peachtree and let them figure it all out. Peachtree is easy to use and less expensive than MS programs. I've been reading your posts Nightngale1998, love your spirit!
  5. by   nightingale
    Thank you for your feedback. I wonder if anyone here has taken a business class for record keeping of business "how to"?