Kaiser REHIRE elegibility! HELP!

  1. Hi everyone!!!!

    I have a few questions to ask of you all!! I formerly worked with this employer (3 years ago) and I am curious to figure out if I am elegible for rehire... I worked there for 5 years (per diem) and had no issues up until the final year! In the end, I voluntarily chose to leave on a level 4 corrective action due to not "meeting my per diem commitment". Honestly I was an excellent employee, no issues but management started to crack down on me. I honestly felt completely shocked and one day I went in to work, and I was not on the assignment. I then met with my union rep and manager (I had previously done this a few months before to have an plan in place, etc)

    Anyways, I am curios to know what the BEST way is to find out my rehire status. I am sure it is at the discretion of the manager...but I honestly want to apply again. I was utterly shocked and hurt but I don't know what my approach should be? Call HR?? And would they even disclose this information ??anyone out there been in this situation?? I keep reading all these forums of how they discriminate and target their employees ๐Ÿ˜– Also, is there a way I should go about talking to a manager or union rep to see if I am NOT elegible, could it even be "challenged".

    How aboug applying at another region...? Would it still be the same if it's the same organization of is this only specific to that HR REGION???

    I really fedl
    i deserve another chance. Other states are not as strict I hear, which makes it that much more upsetting. Pleases any professional advice would truly be appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜˜ God Bless
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