Kaiser Hospitals- CA

  1. Anybody here have experience with Kaiser Hospitals? Our local paper just announced Kaiser plans to build a new hospital from the ground up in our area, and they plan on hiring 500 RNS!! By the time they are ready to start hiring I will be a new grad RN.

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  3. by   Vsummer1
    What part of California?
  4. by   obeyacts2
    OOOPS!!! I forgot to say this is in Modesto CA, which is in the San Joaquin Valley, halfway btwn Fresno and Sacramento.

  5. by   sjoe
    If you like having 10+ patients on med-surg, abundant mandatory overtime, no support from supervisors or administrators, etc., you'll love Kaiser.
  6. by   Neon8
    Kaiser in Fontana or Riverside: The starting pay for a BSN is around $25/hr. More with shift differential: around $29/hr for night shift. The new ratios are in place: 4 patients to one RN on the Telemetry unit. The benifits are good.