Just starting out and needing direction...

  1. Well hello, this is my first post here. I am just starting out and wanting to figure out some direction for myself. I am at the very beginning of my college career. I am right now heading for a BA in Religious Studies and an AS in Pre-Nursing. I want to eventually work for a missions organization that takes kids (pre-teen thru young adult) out on short term and long term mission trips. I want to have the nursing for any type of situation that might arise when medical attention might not be near or present in the wilderness or in under developed areas. I want to figure out what type of nursing I should pursue that would best help in my goals of my career. I have been told to look into being an RN and I have been told to look into being an EMT... In all cases, I am just at the beginning and have a lot to learn and do not know many differences. Any help, advice, or opinions would be greatly appreciated! I hope to post more in the future as well! <><
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  3. by   happystudent
    You have a very interesting and unique goal. Well I would say go into nursing, EMT 's are mainly focused in emergency help. If you become an Rn, you will have a broad view of many specialties. For example, you will study psyche, maternity, community, medical/surgical, etc. It all depends on the school you attend as to how their curriculum is laid out. I would say, "go for the RN" you cant lose!!!

    Good luck and welcome to the boards :hatparty:
  4. by   purplemania
    what is "pre-nursing"? If you mean you are working on an Associates Degree in nursing then, when you graduate, you will be eligible to take RN exam for licensure. Might as well go for RN in that case.

    Have you consulted with any of the organizations for whom you expect to work? They may have vital information that would keep you from wasting $ and time. My friend got her ADN, then RN and worked several years in Russia as hi school science teacher (could not practice nursing there). She was able to hold Bible study in her apartment. Laws differ and you need to be sure having a license in your home state keeps you out of legal trouble or is more apt to put you legal trouble if you work outside your scope of practice.

    Good luck! keep us informed as to what you learn.