Just curious....how do you guys feel about male nurses? - page 5

Also how do you think the public views male nurses? Might sound like a stupid question but I'm not in the field so I have no clue.... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    Hey Mario! My MOMMA was a Marine and served overseas, driving a Jeep in WWII! Don't disrespect her, please! She'll come back and haunt you if you aren't careful!

    Serioously, this topic will keep coming up again and again because WE still talk of it in the workplace, and each new group of students or graduates wants the skinny on it. I've been on this BB long enough to realize that all topics seem to be recycled through here every so often.

    Just under a third of the nurses I work with are males (in an ICU setting); and I feel that if the nurse is doing their job effectively and professionally, who cares what sex they are? We joke back and forth about it at times (sometimes a 4 bed suite's staff will have too much testosterone or HRT or PMS for a shift), but normally it is a moot point: nurses have to do the work of nursing: caring for the very ill and keep the patients alive through our shifts.

    The person who started this thread isn't a nurse; the general public's perception of nurses who are male has been colored by the media. The movie "Meet the Parents" did men in nursing a disservice, IMHO.
  2. by   alwaysthere
    A nurse is a nurse is a nurse......last time i checked they didnt have a nclex -male nclex -female ....just rn and lpn....As long as the Nurse is proffesional and competent there is no problem
  3. by   mageean
    Alwaysthere. you are no longer sanity challenged! You talk sense girl, and this is from a male nurse! keep challenging.