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"Not interested in the ANA? Consider joining one of these groups to promote nursing practice... Obtained 4/26/01 from the ANA website of course. Link to any group can be... Read More

  1. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    I agree.

    I'm a staunch opponent of the ANA - they don't represent me. The ANA only represents 35% of nurses: BSN and AP nurses. They don't represent ADN nurses and actively advocate for their elimination. They also don't represent LVNs/LPNs and won't even let them join. It's not a national nurses organization. It's a national BSN/AP organization.

    But I am a member of the Amer Assoc of Critical-Care Nurses. Their annual conference is such an experience. While I don't agree with everything AACN says (open-visitation comes to mind) they haven't made it their mission to denigrate their prespective member base.

    I'm going to my third straight NTI conference in Anaheim next month. What a treat.

    I've heard quite a few nurses spout off "I hate the ANA... BLAH BLAH BLAH" but what I like about your point is that you clearly articulate why you dislike the ANA and you describe how you have sought alternative professional organizations that represent your interests and/or personal nursing philosophy. Well said friend.

  2. by   Ayvah
    Personally I do not like the ANA because they actively fight against staffing ratio laws like the ones in California. They instead advocate for staffing by acuity; while that sounds nice it is far too vague to do much good against management who is trying to cut staffing at every opportunity. ANA does not seem to represent the average bedside nurse.

    NNOC/CNA has made real progress by the ratio laws they have gotten passed (among other things) and that is why I have chosen to donate money to them. Imagine having it be against the law to have 12+ patients on day shift when another nurse clocks out for lunch. Crazy that unsafe things like that are still allowed in this day and age!