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Ok here is my dilema, Monday I interviewed for a job, one that I really want, yesterday I was offered the job at a great salary, great benifits and working conditions, its case management. M-F no w/e... Read More

  1. by   Straydandelion
    This IMO is totally your decision.. I, like you, think family comes first yet would POSSIBLY think the job with those particular hours would in the long run help the family more then two events. As far as what to say, it depends totally on how determined you are to go to these events and whether to go to both or just one also. I would just call them and tell them after checking your calendar you were reminded of an event/events you had already committed to and ask if possible you could begin at a later date, or possibly you can begin between these events just getting the day off...flying out and back that day.
  2. by   kmn360
    Ok here's my thoughts - everyone is human, we all have lives. There is no reason you cannot go to them and talk this out. Once you actually talk to them and if they won't be flexible, you'll have to make a choice at that point. Most are flexible and reasonable. Just be up front and honest. Basically you got caught up in the moment when they called you, that happens - it actually shows you were a little too excited about the position.

    Generally the only time you may have a problem is if they are adding you to some kind of training or orientation class that has a set time frame.

    Good luck!
  3. by   pedspnp
    Well for all those following my story I called today, and they were very willing to allow me to start on the next orientation.