Job Applications: online vs. in person

  1. So, I'm a new graduate RN living in New Westminster, BC (just outside of Vancouver). I have applied to several new graduate programs, and many many jobs online. I was wanting to stop into hospitals, and see if I could meet managers, and drop my resume off in person. I know given the way hospitals work, this may not be ideal, and am wondering if I will just be brushed off with the standard "all applications are processed online". I always think face to face is better though, and I'm trying to stand out from what must be endless online applications received.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Prior Experiences? To those in management/with hiring experience, what would you think of a new grad on your floor, looking to drop off a resume?

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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Usually this won't be appreciated. However, I did see it work....once.
  4. by   invictus
    Update...after much consideration and asking around I did eventually decide to go for it. I handed out around 8 resumes to various med/surg units in my area. Some units/managers were very receptive, I got the expected "all applications are processed online" response once, and one manger looked peeved, but ultimately I ended up getting 2 interviews, and 2 subsequent job offers doing this. It was very nerve wracking, but for me it was worth it, and I'd do it again. From reading forums, and talking to people, I now believe that this is an "area culture" sort of thing; it may work in one specific area, and be disastrous in others. I wouldn't suggest it to someone who lived outside of the Fraser Valley because I would have no knowledge of how things might work out there. And who knows, maybe I just (finally!) got lucky!