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I just moved back to the states from Canada and am up in the air about JCAHO hospitals. I work in a JCAHO Florida Hospital. First of all, this hospital is always on the verge of not passing their... Read More

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    The fee that JCAHO charges hospitals for the "privilege" of being surveyed is prorated based on the number of beds (large hospitals pay more than small hospitals), but can easily be $25,000 or $30,000 for a large hospital. PLUS, there is a lot of pressure put on hospitals to hire "consultants" (former JCAHO surveyors who have set up private businesses) to help you prepare for your survey, and pressure to buy (from JCAHO) all kinds of JCAHO-logo merchandise (mugs, mouse pads, pens, etc.) to give out to employees to "celebrate" that you did well on your survey. It's quite a racket!

    I understand you thought you were being facetious when you described JCAHO as a "monopoly," but that is a pretty accurate description. They've really got it made! The only problem (for them) is that, year by year, as all the hospitals come into compliance with all the existing JCAHO standards, it gets harder and harder to justify continuing to survey the hospitals (and charge a small fortune for doing so) -- their answer is to invent new standards every few years. Since most of the basic, meaningful safety/quality of care standards have been around for a long time, the new standards are getting pickier and weirder as time goes on (as we all know).

    Well, I meant facetious about another entity to monitor JACHO - trust me, I know they are pretty much a monopoly. In fact, I did a little search after posting this the other day and learned about their for-profit arm "Joint Commission Resources". I also called and learned JACHO and learned that yes, the *average* fee is around $25,000/3 years with lots of other annual fees and costs for site visits. It's a buncha crap.

    I know this is old, but check out this link....I thought it was awesome and would love to know what the outcome was!

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    Arizona has gone JCAHO free, so it can be done and still receive federal monies.
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    JCAHO= healthcare's version of the Mob.

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    I've also noticed, after working in several hospitals, that standards aren't uniformly enforced. My small hospital passed the survey with at least a dozen violations in our one department. Either they were actively ignoring violations, or each hospital is held to different standards. I think the accreditation is pointless if there is no uniform set of standards to adhere to. Sure enough, I went to the JCAHO site and most standards are that the hospital "evaluate" their process to ensure quality. If a hospital evaluates and finds there's no problem- well that meets the standards.
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