I've always wondered...

  1. Has anyone who is a nurse ever had "run ins" with a difficult patient outside of the hospital? If so, did that patient cause a confortation or were they nice? What about those who are working in small towns, has this ever happened to you? What about those working ER? Are there any "rules" regarding this scenario? For example, what can and can't be discussed outside of the hospital and what if the patient feels the need to "tell you off" because they feel they didnt get adequate care while in the hospital? Are you allowed to "respond" however you want?

    I've always wondered this because I used to work customer service with the company I work for now and know someone who had a "run in" with a customer that didnt turn out so well.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I worked in an ER for 10 years and currently work with the indigent chronic dialysis patients. I am very careful what I tell patients. I must provide my first and last name since I'm an advanced practice nurse. However, I do not ever say hello to any of my patients that I see around town. If they do approach me, I just nod and go on with what I'm doing. I would NEVER EVER tolerate any type of confrontation - this is way too dangerous. If I ever feel threatened, I would immediately call the police.