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Hi, this is my first semester in med/surg, so bear with me. I shadowed an ICU nurse last week. She had me give Pepcid via IV Push instead of with a slow infusing device. She said, "If you want... Read More

  1. by   BirdFeederLady
    "if there is something you question and have not done it before -- don't do it."

    Thanks for your guidance, onconurseRT, I shall take it to heart.
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I appreciate anyone who asks questions----and seeks to do the right things. YOU are the kind of nurse I WANT caring for my loved ones or me. Keep on asking questions, students and nurses; no one knows it all.
    Quote from onconursert
    i recall being a student not too long ago.. if there is something you question and have not done it before -- don't do it. always check the policy and procedure, then ask a "charge nurse" that is designated as a resource nurse-- also give the pharmacy a call. speak with a pharmacists about the medication and the way it is administered. i carry a drug book with me and all the other nurses laugh at me, but i never give anything that i do not know. if you exhaust every avenue, there is always the nursing supervisors. you can start off your sentence with "i do not feel comfortable giving bla bla bla, here is what i do know...." this shows that you made an effort to get out there and find the answer and you are asking them for direct assistance.
    good luck to you... i wish that i could tell you that the "post-worry about your previous shift" will stop, but i have been out of school for over a year and i still have anxiety over the "days events".
    and others are right....no question is dumb...nor are students dumb! just make the effort at trying to obtain answers yourself first...nobody will fault you for seeking further clarification. you got some really great advice!

  4. by   grandee3
    You are going to be a good nurse, not afraid to ask questions. Why do nurses act like that when they are assigned a student? Were they never a student nurse? Don't ever forget where you came from. I look back and it all seems so scary, the first few days of orientation and I think how little I knew and the fact that the real thing was soooo different then the classroom.
    I have learned so much since then and have my fellow nurses and my preceptors to thank. I lucked out and had some very helpful nurses who made time for me. One day soon you will be here. Go for it, never stop asking and you'll learn something new every day. :hatparty: