iv bolus injections HELP online video?

  1. hello everyone

    Need some help desperately. can anyone help me regarding iv bolus injections. To be honest i am looking for a video that shows you how to dissolve a drug in water draw it up and administer it via cannula.

    I wanted to know. Say you have 250mgs fluclox and you administer 5 mls water to the drug. what do you next do. i thought shake drug then prepare another syringe (what size needle do you use, green?). Use that syringe to draw up drug and administer via cannula (after flushing both ports with sodium chloride

    How many syringes would you need in total. i guess one syringe to administer water to drug,
    One syringe withdraw the drug solution
    One syringe to use for flush
    Please help thanks amer
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  3. by   leslymill
    I don't shake the vial , I rotate and roll it then let it sit while I do other things till it dissolves for a few minutes. If green needle is a 21g needle that is standard. The syringe to administer the water can also be used to draw up the drug after it is reconstituted. You need two syringes at least, 5cc for the drug and a 10cc of the flush for before and after.. Fluclox isn't commercially available in the US.