1. I just got my new Nursing 2001 magazine, and I saw an ad for I went to their site and they are somehow affiliated with Regents College, now Excelsior College. I've heard of Regents College nad I know that it's accredited. Has anyone used this site, or can you tell me more about it? It seems that you can take classes on-line through them and then transfer the credits to Regents. If anyone knows more about this site, please post. Thanks!
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  3. by   jansailsea is not affiliated with Excelsior (formerly known as Regents), recently announced as a National League of Nursing School of Excellence.
    It is a separate study program that allows you to study for & challenge Dantes & CLEP exams to receive college credits, as well as Excelsior exams at a price cheaper than many other study programs.
    Many military / service people use the Dantes or CLEP method as it is difficult to be enrolled full time in college courses while being stationed across the US & the world.
    Program does not grant college credits or degrees, it is simply a study program.
    They have an affordable study program, particularly if using the 1 or 2yr contract of payment up front, savings are excellent.
    Website is also recommended & linked to Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) the chain of hospitals around the nation owned by the Frist family who were & are Drs.
    A small -small discount is given to HCA employees who use the program.
    You may recognize Sen (Dr.) Bill Frist of Nashville Tenn, who may run for republican party nomination of President of US.
    I am a newly graduated LPN at Blake Medical Center, a HCA facility in Bradenton FL.
    I do not work for program or Excelsior.
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