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Hey All: Just a thought for ya'll. I live in the New Orleans, LA area. There are nursing recruiting bonuses popping up everywhere. My question is this....Why not just pay everyone like they should... Read More

  1. by   BadBird
    I inquired about a bonus but I feel it was a bait and switch. First you have to work for 6 months for the first half which is taxed and then another 6 months for the rest which is also taxed. I found a agency that pays a higher rate which was more than the bonus offered from one agency when all totaled up. By the way If you left employment before the year was up you had to pay back all the bonus so to me that is no bonus at all. I agree that if nurses were paid what they are worth none of this would be necessary. Until that day comes I will stay Agency.
  2. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by SandyLV
    Great Idea Sleepyeyes....
    Would it be okay to transcribe your letter to send it to our local newspapers and other media???
    I loved everything about it.....
    Sure you (or any or all of you) can use can edit out the parts you don't like, or add your own only purpose is to raise public awareness and writing letters is one way to get the message across.

    Let's just call this "form letter" my little contribution to the cause.
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