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I got pulled to a med surg unit yesterday, and was absolutely shocked at the number of staff on this unit. It is a small 20 bed unit, and had a census of 18, with one of the empty beds marked Do Not... Read More

  1. by   wsu.rn
    Seems like the unit is well staffed in the orginal post. The worked on a general med/surg unit. staffed with a lot of lpn's. when our cenus dropped to 18 pts, there was a charge nurse, rn, lpn, and no aide. the acuity varied. It seems like even though there were less pt's on the floor, the nurses had more patient with no aide. seems like we needed a aide. at least one
  2. by   sharann
    In our state, CNA's/aides are NOT allowed to draw blood, insert foleys or test BS. They used to do this, until the governing agencies put a stop to this. They can do EKG's here though. They do alot. Prep pts for surgery,VS, Bathing, turning, and all that. I still maintain though, that it sounds as if the floor was ADEQUATELY staffed. Not overstaffed by any means. Just because some nurses can "handle" 6 or 8 patients, does not mean they are giving they optimal nursing care they could give if they had fewer pts.
    It sounds as though the aide of this floor had help at least.I worked noc's with an aide who had the entire 27 bed floor...she was pissed, and who could blame her. These were high acuity pts BTW.
  3. by   night owl
    "You can manage", "You can handle it", "I have nobody to send you"...I'm soooooo sick of hearing it!!!! The minute we have someone on 1:1 they always manage to find somebody to cover that resident. We now have two residents on 1:1. One for fall precautions and one for expressing suicide. They've found coverage for them. When you ask for extra help b/c you're at the bare minimum staff, you hear it..."I have nobody to send you!" Bull****! We just keep documenting on our 24 hour report...Working under unsafe staffing conditions for what it's worth.
    Then they wonder why people call out all the time...They're exhausted, over worked and stressed to the max :zzzzz :zzzzz ...The same old story....
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