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here we go again, talking to an ma who works in a dr's office. they had a drug rep come in, giving the usual , food, gift cirtificates etc...the rep was a sialis rep. she aked the drug rep about her... Read More

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    What you have described is a crime. Failure to report could be considered a violation for you personally....Yes, knowledge of a violation of this type and failure to report it could be grounds for the BON in your state to take action against YOUR license. Below is a link to the "personal character" clause in the TXBON that empowers them to act against your license, most states have similar language.
    All drama aside-I just want you to understand that the dispensing of "samples" by anyone without a physician's or Nurse practitioner's order/prescription is definitely a crime and this MA's actions can make BIG problems for you personally if they are not addressed.

    You want to bring up this act with the MA's physician, as s/he is directly liable for any actions this person took.
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