Is nursing for me?

  1. I have longed to be a nurse for quite a while. I struggled to get in, like many others have. I worked as a CNA (hence the name), so I thought I understood the role of a nurse from observing my former RN/LPN co-workers. Boy was I ever wrong. I am really starting to worder if I am cut out for this profession. I feel I may get burnt out on the profession shortly after graduation. I am in my third clinical rotation in an accelerated program.

    Can anyone share how they determined that nursing was indeed for them? I am so frazzled that I am 25 years old, and I still dont have my life figured out. I would really appreciate any soul-searching tips, books, stories, anything.
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  3. by   ajhutch
    I am in Nebraska also, where are you at? What school? I am a student as well I am in Lincoln and waiting to get into a program I am on a wait list at 4 different schools. It's horrible., these schools around here!! I to have felt what you are and got out of healthcare all together for awhile but something has always driven me back and this time I am staying. Listen to stories of other readers, if nursing is your passion for real it is a force that will drive you to doing a job you love. Think of what made you get into all together, comparing your work as a CNA and a LPN or RN is different but that is what school is doing for you is preparing you for that role so you are strong enough to do it! Good luck!!!