Is it worth the money

  1. I own a Littmann Master Cardiology and LOVE it, great acoustics, but now I see that Littmann has introduced a new stethscope called the Littmann Soft Touch Cardiology STC. It looks amazing, same acoustics, but different design as the Master Cardiology. It has a better diaphragm, not that hard, heavy steel, instead now it is tear shaped and has rubber gripping. I want to purchase it, but feel guilty, I also just bought a Tycos Harvey Elite. Is it worth the money to own numerous stethoscopes, and I would like to know, which stethoscopes do you own/find to be the best?

    I wish you could trade in old stethoscopes like used cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Scrubz
    I actually just bought a Master Cardiology, and looked at the STC. I figure if you already have the Master Cardio then why bother with the STC? Is there that much a difference to warrent another $150? I mean, if you have that kind of money just to throw around.

    But to me it would be like buying the same shirt in a different color. There's not THAT much difference.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I have the Littman electronic 4000 and love it. Yes, it was almost $300 but well worth it. Its wonderful.