Is it just me or does nurses portrail in ER suck?

  1. Okay, didnt start watching the show until I started training, but for some reason they have all the ER videos in the nursing instructional and lecture tapes ( wierd, neh?)

    Is it just me or do nurses do alot of the stuff that doctors in ER are portrayed as doing, (except for doctor benton who does nothing but surgery and is nasty to the nurses, so we dont like him :P)

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    Im not even gonna answer that...


  3. by   Stargazer
    Well, I don't know what season you're up to, but these days, everybody's portrayal on ER sucks. The writers have clearly given up. That show should've been put out of its misery several seasons ago.

    And yes, like most fictional TV or movie medical dramas, a lot of it is grossly inaccurate. My personal favorite is how the same 3 or 4 surgeons do everything from pediatric surgery to neurosurgery to cardiac transplants.