invitations for nurse pinning ceremony

  1. my friend hasn't been able to find any pre-printed invitations to use for her up-coming pinning ceremony, so i'm trying to design something for her. i've been searching the internet for ideas, but all i've found is the nightengale pledge and some nursing prayers. any ideas?
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I used dark cream colored printer paper (office supply store) with matching envelopes. I put a quote at the very top, then wrote an announcement, Then had my full name at the bottom. I centered the text. I used the Script font from Microsoft Word, and made that bold. Adjusted the printer's settings to "best".

    Folded the paper in long thirds, and tied gold embroidery floss around it. Did calligraphy for the addresses.

    Cost: $25 for 50 announcements, plus time.
  4. by   redwinggirlie
    I went to an office supply store and got a prepackaged kit for invites. Entered my text then I added a gold seal to the envelope. Quick, easy and pretty. Oh, I also used a gold pen to address them. Not very creative, but everyone loved them.