Intravenous medication book

  1. I had to buy an Intravenous Medication book for nursing school this semester. Can you tell me if this is something I will use after I graduate in the "real world" or will I wish I had it as a reference? Most of the previous students I have spoken to have told me that they don't really use it, but I hate to return it if it may be useful in a job situation.

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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    It depends on which IV drug book you bought. I bought the IV drug manual put out by Mosby every year and it is by far the most complete IV drug manual available. The last facility I worked at didn't have an IV manual so we used the IV drug book for info. Now, the institution at which I am employed has an IV manual on the intranet along with all of the hospitals policies and procedures. It's pretty cool!