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I worked at this facility once before for about 7 months, quit, traveled, and then came back as staff and have been there a year next week. The other day I sent my ER manager an email that asked... Read More

  1. by   whipping girl in 07
    Honestly, I think your NM sounds reasonable, especially if you are going PRN to keep your foot in the door but will be working elsewhere to really make the $$$. Could you go part-time instead and pick up agency? A friend of mine who lives in New Orleans also has a CA nursing license and will use long weekends to fly out and make a couple of thousand working agency shifts. Several nurses I work with currently work agency in a larger city that's several hours away on their weekends off (full-time nurses in my unit work every 3rd weekend, and neither hospital in my city uses agency or travel nurses anymore). I understand your frustration, but I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to hire good nurses, then have them leave and come back, leave and come back, and never know when they might leave again.

    If you need to save $5K, couldn't you just work an extra shift every other week for a year? Does your hospital pay bonus for working extra if the unit is short? What about other units within your facility? We have several nurses that work in cath lab, dialysis, education, and radiology who also work extra in ICU when we need help and they need money. I have picked up shifts in CCU if I want to work extra. If you count OT plus bonus, wouldn't that be close to what you'd make agency?

    Anyway, whatever you decide to do, good luck to you. I was so happy when we bought our first house!