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  1. I am interviewing 2 newly-qualified nurses for D-grade posts, and 3 experienced nurses for E-grade posts (they usually have at least 2 years experience - I know our system is different than in the USA!). The posts are in the post-anaesthetic care unit at our "sister" hospital. I have been asked to give 4 scenario questions and am having difficulty thinking of some. The hospital I work at does not recommend asking scenarios so I am inexperienced at asking these sorts of questions. Does anyone please have any suggestions, I will be extremely grateful!!!
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  3. by   eternal student
    Hi Gail
    I am a nurse practice co ordinator in Australia. I have used scenario questions often when interviewing nurses of all levels.
    I usually incorporate all aspects of the selection criteria eg- You may ask about a patient who has recently come out of operating theatre , whose BP drops or something similar and then becomes agitated and requires lifting in the bed.(This is just a simple example)
    The main thing to remember with the scenario is to cover clinical skills, communication Workplace Health and Safety and any other criteria you require.
    Hope it helps