1. hey guys ive got an interview on monday... its my 1st interview....what kind of questions should i expect? and they're giving me a test on calculations and so nervous

    what stuff should i review...i really want this job.... thanks for all your help
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  3. by   nicudaynurse
    My best advice would be relax and just be yourself. The calculations tests should be pretty basic so it shouldn't be very hard. Never heard of a theories test in an interview. What area are you interviewing for?
  4. by   Katnip
    One of my clinical instructors gave us a list of common interview questions. I'm sure there are more, but this might be a good start.

    1. Tell me about yourself. (Looking for an overview of your professional experience)

    2. What makes you stand out when compared with your peers?

    3. What type of management style do you prefer?

    4. Where do you see yourself in (x) years?

    5. Why should we hire you for this position?

    6. Do you have any questions?
  5. by   ebeRN
    thank you for the replies, med/surgical unit is waht im applying for
  6. by   cokie
    one that nobody mentioned that i did get asked is "what would you consider one of your faults"......hard to answer, but i tried to give it a positive spin, such as "i try too hard to please people""""just relax and be yourself. try not to talk too much, sometimes one can say too much.....practice with someone.
  7. by   zambezi
    at the hospital that i work for, there are five hospital values, i was asked which one was most important to me and why (easy question, but not if you don't know the hospital values), i was also asked what the five steps of nursing theory are and how they are well as lots of other general questions...
  8. by   ebeRN
    wow the five steps of a nursing theory? whats that?

    ok im tense now