1. Hi, everyone:

    I got my RN license in March and started to look for a job. I had an ADN degree and more than ten year nursing experience in one of the renowned hospital in Taiwan. But it's hard to get a job here!

    My target is working in the NICU, and I got my PALS and BLS certification while I am waiting for the replies. Finally, I got a interview opportunity by NICU nurse manager on this Thursday. I am nervous because this is my first interview in states and have to speak in English. I would like to ask anyone who could give me some advises.

    What are the common question the interviewer would ask, especially for NICU?
    I had one year experience in NICU a year ago. I did enjoy the work and decide to continue. Is this experience enough?

    Would my influent English limit my chance to get this job or affect the salary?
    This my weak point that I've never work in states and I'm not a native English speaker.

    Will she propose the pay rate or should I ask for it? What's the reasonable range?

    What kind of benefit package normally I could get or bargain?

    That's all I can think about now. I know it's kind of late. The interview is only a day away. Any help would be appreciated.

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  3. by   hollykate
    Hi Ruth,
    Good Luck tomarro!
    I don't work in a NICU, but I imagine that they would want to know how your experience in Taiwan is similar to working in a US NICU. The manager will also probably ask what you like about NICU. They usually ask how you handle conflict with families or with other staff members.
    I know you are worried about your English. As long as you can communicate and understand both in person and on the phone, it should be ok. As you use it, your English will definitely improve!!
    I think as long as your show you are interested in learning how American hospitals work- as compared to how your hospital worked in Taiwan, that will also be ok.
    My Managers always say they are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about the specialty, flexible and willing to learn.
    Usually they will tell you about benefits and pay rate. It's ok to ask if they forget, it won't seem rude.
    Good Luck. Let us know if you get the job! Hollykate