International allnurses! Time to check in!

  1. I have often wondered how many nurses from around the world we could get to check in. I know we have a regular poster from China. I often wonder how nursing is in Russia- in Spain, in South America etc.
    (Non-USA, Canadian, Aussie, English) Nurses, Please post where you are from and a little about nursing in your country!

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  3. by   selma
    Well, I suppose I am not a regular poster, at least not yet, but I could tell you about being a nurse in Sweden. In Sweden every RN have a BSN since 1993. Before that it was a two year degree. We also have something that I suppose could be translated into "undernurse", which is an non-university education. "Undernurses" take bloodsamples and do foleys, but under the supervision of an RN. I think RNs have similar responsibilities as US RNs.
    We have something almost comparable to NP which is a mastersdegree (if you choose to do the paper) in midwifery, OR, anestesia, public health, pediatrics, psychatry and geriatrics.
    We are not very well paid and I often meet people who have no idea what nurses do. Thy just think you water the plants and now and then give an injection.
    Right now I enjoy my work for at least 60 % of the time, which I think is ok. I have had my moments of feeling stuck though (that is another tread, I know).
  4. by   cargal
    Selma!!! Thanks for your response. Welcome to allnurses. I would love to see Sweden someday. I see that nurses there share some of the very same problems that we do here. Please let us know if you ever visit the USA.
    Interestingly, there is alot of talk of making a BSN entry level into nursing here-there are posts that heat up quite a bit on this subject. I think it will not happen now that we have a very bad "nursing shortage". Has the shortage of nurses hurt you there in Sweden?

  5. by   Jenny P
  6. by   aus nurse
    Hey there

    Hmm nursing in Australia....hard to know the differences other than what I have picked up here on this board

    Here we have a uni degree to become an RN...none of that BSN, ADN stuff. Unless you are a dinosaur like me who trained in the hospital system many eons ago

    We have EN's (enrolled nurses) who do not perform all the functions your LPN's do....but are the backbone of the hospitals a lot of the time. We have Ain's (assistants in nursing) also.
    Nurse practioners have just commenced in Aus also.

    The shortage here is a bad as it is world wide.....retention and recruitment has been the focus of many "committees" but not a lot of action to date.

    We have a public hospital system here which means that anyone can have free care in a public hospital. We pay a levy in our taxes.

    I am sure the other aussies who post can add much more...all I can think of at the moment. My brain is a bit numb from all the Xmas card writing lol
  7. by   cargal
    I realize I am asking foreign nurses to respond to an English board. That limits replies, still , where is a-rose?
    We have had posters from S.American and the Bahamas before too. Would love to see more, please!