information from BOn in my State regardind crininal offenses

  1. here some info I found. It sound like I will be ok. What does anyone else think?My charge doesnt have anything to do any of the offenses they listed below.Its just conspiracy.

    General Denial
    Licensure of individuals convicted of certain crimes presents an unreasonable risk to public health and safety. Thus, applications for licensure by individuals convicted of the following crimes will be denied in all cases unless the individual can establish by clear and convincing evidence to the satisfaction of the Board or any other appropriate person charged with rendering a decision, that s/he has been rehabilitated and poses no threat to the health, safety and welfare of the public.

    1. Felonies involving sexual misconduct where the victim's failure to affirmatively consent is an element of the crime, such as forcible sexual assault.
    2. Felonies involving the sexual, physical or mental abuse of children, the elderly or infirm, such as sexual misconduct with a child, making or distributing child pornography or using a child in a sexual display, incest involving a child, assault on an elderly or infirm person.
    3. Any crime in which the victim is a patient, client or resident of a health care facility including abuse, neglect, theft from, or financial exploitation of a person entrusted to the care or protection of the applicant.
    4. Any crime resulting in the individual being incarcerated, on work release, on probation or on parole.
    5. Any crimes in the following categories unless at least five years have passed since the conviction or five years have passed since release from custodial confinement whichever occurs later:
      1. Serious crimes of violence against persons, such as assault or battery with a dangerous weapon, aggravated assault and battery, murder or attempted murder, manslaughter (except involuntary manslaughter) kidnapping, robbery of any degree or arson;
      2. Crimes involving controlled substances or synthetics, including unlawful possession or distribution, or intent to distribute unlawfully, Schedule I through V drugs as defined by the Uniform controlled Substances Act.
      3. Serious crimes against property, such as grand larceny, burglary, embezzlement or insurance fraud.
      4. Any other crime that involves sexual misconduct.
    In determining whether an applicant has been rehabilitated and poses no threat to the health, safety and welfare of the public, information considered by the Board may include but not be limited to:

    1. The seriousness of the crime;
    2. Whether the crime relates directly to the training and skills of a nurse and the delivery of patient care;
    3. How much time has elapsed since the crime was committed;
    4. Whether the crime involved violence to or abuse of another person;
    5. Whether the crime involved a minor or a person of diminished capacity;
    6. Whether the applicant's actions and conduct since the crime occurred are consistent with the holding of a position of public interest.
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    I think you will be OK. I met a traveling RN in Wyoming who told me she killed her husband and did prison time for it. She then became an RN. I don't know if she was just incredibly lucky or if each state is different.Good luck
  4. by   donnar232
    thank you. I never went to prison and since it was my first offense and the crime was non-violent, They gave me a deal wich I can ay that I am not a conicted felon. If anyone asks on any application to put down any conviction of a felony. I under the law can say no. Now if they ask for any offense, then obviously I have to list it. Thank you Donna