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  1. Hi all!!
    I really need help!! I need to interview a informatics nurse. I had one to interview but after agreeing to do the interview by email, I can longer get in contact with her. I really hope she is okay, just really busy I guess. So are there any Informatics Nurses out there willing to help a nursing student out? If so, I will leave the questions at the bottom and any of you WONDERFUL, GRACIOUS, GREATEST Informatics nurses to leave your answers at your own time. Thanks!!!!

    1. What is your role within the organization?
    2. Where does your position fall within the organizational chart?
    3. What training and/or formal education did you have to prepare you for the role?
    4. Do you have any suggestions based on your experience for additional educational preparation?
    5. How do you incorporate the Standards for Nursing Informatics role definitions of telehealth, consumer education, clinical information management, project management, research, and education into your current role?
    6. Of the roles above, what one takes up the most of your time? Why?
    7. Of the roles, which do you wish you had more time to perform?
    8. Does your position description or evaluation follow the competencies for Nursing Informatics Specialists? Why or why not?

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